Rotterdam 7th Multiplier Event

The seventh UCCRN_edu Multiplier Event will take place in Rotterdam on 5th and 6th June, 2024.

How to Build Urban Resilience: Design Thinking for Climate Action

The seventh UCCRN_edu Multiplier Event is hosted by IHE Delft and Resilient Delta, supported by the UCCRN_edu Associated Partner UCCRN European Hub, and organized in collaboration with the Horizon Europe project UP2030 with Resilient Cities Network. It will take place in Rotterdam on 5 and 6 June 2024, with two dissemination sessions linked to the international Conference Urban Future.

The project aims to develop an educational alliance to train the next generation of urban climate professionals in navigating the complexity of the interconnected knowledge domains linked to urban climate action in cities.

The session will reflect upon the need of innovative approaches in urban design, urban planning, and management to achieve transformative system changes for a climate resilient urban development. These changing needs also necessitate a new breed of researchers and professionals focusing on co‐creation by design in research and practice aimed at handling complexity, uncertainty, and system thinking. A ẟ-shaped profile in education and capacity building refers to a model of trans- and inter-disciplinary skills and knowledge that combines both imagination and evidence by design thinking, elevating imagination to an equal level as modelling and analysis of natural and social urban subsystems.

The sessions aim to address the challenges of embracing design-thinking, co-design and evidence-based strategies across disciplines in education for future city practitioners and capacity building for city officials. The underlying and fundamental question is do we need a new breed of researchers and professionals to deliver on this? What do we need to change in current practices?
The discussion with students and representatives from EU and global cities will reflect about the implications and opportunities for innovative approaches.

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