Montreal 5th Multiplier Event

The 5th UCCRN-EDU Multiplier Event in Montreal (Canada), 3-6 October 2023.

The fifth UCCRN-EDU Multiplier Event will take place on 3-6 October 2023 in Montreal (Canada), in connection with the Adaptation Future Conference 2023. This biennal conference is the flagship event of the World Adaptation Science programme, one of the four components of the World Climate Programme.

The Multiplier Event will be hosted by the UCCRN_edu Associated Partner Cité-Id Living Lab – Urban Resilience Governance, and will be the opportunity to establish high-level dissemination and networking channels at a middle stage of the project with international scholars, researchers and policymakers linked to UCCRN and NWASP networks, The Multiplier Event will include sessions focused on critical research takeaways and policy recommendations from the first five publications of UCCRN’s Third Assessment Report on Cities and Climate Change (ARC3.3), providing actionable, up-to-date, benchmarked knowledge for urban climate change researchers, city practitioners, and policymakers at all levels of governance to motivate rapid action; on how to shape effective multi-disciplinary educational pathways in the field of climate-resilient urban governance, planning and design; on urban planning and design support tools to integrate evidence-based principles and concepts into policies, plans and projects, collaborative exercises.

We will address the questions such as:

  • Which should be the core skills of the next generation of urban climate leaders?
  • How to sustain local authorities, stakeholders and communities in integrating innovative concepts and methods in the current urban planning, design and governance practices?
  • How to balance the need for a strong theoretical background with the acquisition of technical and practical skills?
  • And also, is the academic system equipped to support the education of hybrid and multidisciplinary new professionals?

The panel brings together a set of core members from UCCRN_edu partners and associated partners, as well as representatives from other sister projects in EU and US, such as Horizon Europe UP2030 and KNOWING and NSF City as Lab.

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